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Now crafts made from natural materials are in incredible demand in the handicraft market. Eco-style can be found anywhere: at exhibitions, in offices, in residential premises. So why not keep up with current fashion? Today you will learn how to make a beautiful picture from natural materials in an unusual frame.
Painting in eco-style

For work, collect the following materials:
  • 4 sticks from tree branches (length 15-25 cm);
  • 1 floral wire;
  • wire cutters;
  • pliers;
  • scissors;
  • twine;
  • heat gun;
  • juniper branches;
  • panicles of reeds;
  • just beautiful branches;
  • acorns;
  • Pine cones.

A picture frame can be made from branches of any tree. To make it, prepare 4 sticks up to 25 cm long and 1 floral wire.
Painting in eco-style

Using wire cutters, divide the wire into 4 equal parts.
Arrange the sticks as shown in the photo (to form a rectangular frame).
Painting in eco-style

Connect the ends of the branches at the points of contact with pieces of wire. To fix the structure more securely, use pliers.
Painting in eco-style

This is the kind of frame you should get. All sticks are securely fastened together.
Painting in eco-style

Now the wire needs to be hidden. To do this, take a twine and randomly wrap it around the junction of the branches.
Painting in eco-style

Twine will also be needed to create the base. Take the thread and weave it between the vertical sticks.
Painting in eco-style

Then stretch the twine between the horizontal branches.
The base is ready!
Painting in eco-style

Now it's time for natural materials. Juniper branches with fruits, dry panicles of reeds, large acorns and pine cones will look very beautiful.
Painting in eco-style

Insert a panicle of reeds diagonally across the frame. Weave it between the warp threads. Glue juniper branches on the sides of the panicle. At this stage of work, use a heat gun with silicone.
Painting in eco-style

Fix the twigs and pine cone with hot silicone. And in the very corner, glue acorns and a hat.
Painting in eco-style

All is ready. The painting in eco-style turned out to be restrained, but at the same time very beautiful.
Painting in eco-style

Tie a piece of twine to the top branch and hang your creation on a nail.
Painting in eco-style

Helpful Tips:
  • the size of the painting depends on the length of the sticks for the frame;
  • the filling can be easily changed to suit the time of year;
  • dried flowers, bright berries and even small fruits will look good;
  • if desired, all elements of the picture can be painted with acrylic paints or special paint can be applied;
  • Instead of twine, you can use regular knitting threads, jute or satin ribbons.
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