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How to make a simple and lightweight folding chair from profile sections

We cut 2 pieces of length 80 cm and 50 cm from the profile square pipe. We mark the centers of the through holes along their longitudinal axes, measuring 25 cm from one edge on long pieces, 3.5 cm from the other, and 28 cm and 28 cm from the other, respectively.

Compact folding chair (table) made of square profile

This folding chair is convenient in the home, in the country or in the garden. To make it you will need the simplest materials. It is better, of course, to work with a mechanized tool, but you can get by with a hand tool. Anyone can do this job

How to make a monitor organizer stand

While flipping through a well-known online store not long ago, I came across the most curious thing: an organizer stand for a computer monitor. The thing seemed simple - a few planks and a handful of screws, but it turned out to be very useful and roomy.

How to make a floating computer desk - comfortable furniture and saving money

In small apartments and houses it is not possible to allocate a separate room for a study. In this case, zoning the space helps.Let's look at how you can design a work area with a floating computer desk without bulky legs,

8 ways to repair broken threads in a furniture handle

Handles of drawers and furniture doors often break off. The threads of their fastening simply cannot stand it and break off. It is not necessary to fix this problem by replacing the handle. In most cases, it can be repaired, and in a dozen ways.

How to ideally apply film to furniture curves

You can often find desks and computer desks with a rounded edge. This creates certain difficulties when gluing film on them. When you try to do this, wrinkles inevitably form on the edges. They can be avoided by knowing a few secrets.

How to make a keyless secret magnetic lock on furniture

The doors of cabinets and cabinets can be locked with a hidden magnetic locking device. Visually, such a lock does not have a keyhole, so it is even difficult to guess how it opens. Let's look at how to make such a constipation with your own hands.

How to make spectacular wall lamps from PVC pipe. Beautiful spots for pennies

Hi all! Today I will show you how to make wall lights (spots) from PVC pipe. These are very stylish and simple lamps and anyone can make them. I made these lamps for my work area.

How to restore old USSR armchairs and get designer furniture almost for free

At the dacha there were 2 chairs from the times of the USSR. They are almost 43 years old! Although they are old, they are still in good condition. I decided to restore them! The first step was to remove the old upholstery. Removed all staples and nails.I unscrewed the legs and separated the back and seat (so I

How to make a hanging TV stand with hidden mount

The interior of a room with a TV will become more harmonious with a hanging cabinet, giving the space airiness and visually expanding it. The cabinet is attached directly to the wall, so it does not need support legs. It will not only decorate the space, but also increase

Life hack: how to almost instantly decorate an old shabby chair for the garden

A dacha is a place where city residents take all the unnecessary trash from their apartments. However, upon closer examination, you understand that some things are made to last, and it’s a pity to throw them away. Oh, for the torn upholstery we need to say “thank you” to our

Bed made of plastic vegetable crates with numerous storage spaces

In a small apartment or house there is a problem with free space, so all furniture should be as functional as possible. So, a bed with niches can be used as storage space. It’s not difficult to make it with your own hands,

How to make a cabinet shelf out of cardboard

If your closet does not have enough shelves, do not rush to order them from furniture makers. Even if you don’t have any tools at all, you can make them with your own hands from ordinary cardboard. All you need is a utility knife and a square.

How to make garden furniture from pallets

Regular pallets, which are sold on any classifieds website, can be used to make garden furniture. It's cheaper and easier than making tables and benches from boards.Furniture made from pallets looks very decent, and besides, it doesn’t have to be removed for

Cool ways to repair furniture that you didn't know about

Most people have laminated chipboard or MDF furniture in their apartments and houses. Since these are pressed slabs, if damaged, the defective area looks simply terrible and greatly spoils the appearance. Let's look at how you can make repairs

How to make a chair without nails and glue using plastic bottles

Hello! Today I will show you how to make a bar stool without nails or glue. We will make all connections using plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can be used as heat shrink. If you heat them up, they will shrink in size and

You won't believe how cool things can be made from bottles and cement

To equip an outdoor seating area, you can make a coffee table from concrete and glass bottles. It will look good on a covered terrace, gazebo or workshop. A concrete table is not afraid of precipitation, and most importantly, it does not look like the usual

How to make a computer desk from solid wood

Hello! I wanted to make a desk. Making it from chipboard is boring and not interesting, so I decided to make it from solid wood. The main frame will be made of pine, and the table top will be made of oak. It took me about 120 bel for the whole table. rubles or 50$.

How to Make an Amazing Anti-Gravity Table

Today I will show you how I made an unusual, anti-gravity coffee table. I built it according to the Tensegrity principle. The striking appearance of this table levitating in the air will definitely surprise your guests.

How to make a computer desk in Scandinavian style

Initially, I worked out a 3D model in the SketchUp program in order, firstly, to approve the shape and design of the table for myself, and secondly, to understand the right amount of material required to start work.

How to make a cool lounge chair with simple tools

Even in the absence of professional carpentry tools, you can make high-quality, beautiful and comfortable furniture. One such example is a reclining chair. The lumber used to assemble its frame requires minimal processing,

How to make a simple coffee table without welding

Absolutely any craftsman can make such a simple and modern table. The design is very simple and uncomplicated. It looks great and is practical to use. Everything can be assembled in half a day without much effort. And financial savings

How to make stylish shelves from PVC pipes

Empty walls in a house or apartment do not look the best, so they need to be filled. They can be hung with paintings, photographs or shelves. The use of the latter will not only decorate the interior, but also solve the problem of placement

Replaced the upholstery of an old chair and got original furniture

The upholstery on furniture tends to wear out and fade. It is not always possible to remove dirt from fabric, especially if this furniture is used in the kitchen. There is a simple solution: replacing the upholstery.

Kitchen faucet repair

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How to make a useful and necessary attachment for a multimeter

Openwork crochet pattern | Do it yourself

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