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DIY artificial bonsai tree

In winter, like no other time of the year, any green objects are pleasing to the eye. Especially if these items resemble warm summer. That’s why my daughter asked me to buy a bonsai tree. I, of course, did not agree. Besides what is real

Topiary made of sisal and money

Topiary, or the tree of happiness, can increasingly be seen in the interior. Firstly, it is very beautiful, and secondly, it brings goodness to the house - its top is made in the shape of a ball, and it symbolizes the sun from ancient times, which was a symbol of unity,

Topiary made from napkins

How to make topiary? You need to start from the ball. It can be purchased at a craft store for about fifty rubles, depending on the size. It’s not difficult to create a base with your own hands. All you need is unnecessary newspapers and thread.

Spring topiary

Very often in homes and offices you can see beautiful balls made of flowers, fabric or coffee beans, which are attached to a stick and placed in pots. These are topiaries. They are an original decoration of any room and can be the most

Sisal topiary

In order for the home to be cozy, it is customary to decorate it with flowers or some other compositions - paintings, panels. You can also add a bright accent using topiary. Its second name is the tree of happiness. With its help you can easily supplement

DIY money tree

The money tree is not only the most popular, but also the most effective talisman of wealth. In addition, it will decorate any interior. It’s quite easy to make a money tree with your own hands, just stock up on the necessary materials, time and

Master class on making topiary from chestnuts

Today, creating topiaries - trees in pots made from scrap materials - has become a very fashionable hobby among needlewomen. Topiary can be made from anything, but craftswomen especially love ribbons, coffee beans,

Trees for wishes with tags

If you have a major celebration coming up, then questions about the location of the celebration and the list of guests have probably already been resolved. But how to complement and diversify the holiday? How to stand out from the crowd and create a fabulous atmosphere? Will help in resolving these issues

Oriental tree made of wire and yarn “Bonsai”

Decorative figurine in Japanese style to decorate your interior! An exotic “resident” will give any room greater expressiveness and unique beauty. This specimen is very easy to manufacture and, moreover, has an amazing

Paper topiary

In order for happiness not to leave the house, it must be retained.A homemade talisman will, of course, help with this. Often after bouquets there is crepe paper left behind, which is a pity to throw away. Handywomen have a lot of different handy items in their closets.

Topiary with roses

Everyone wants happiness and you can attract it into your home with a talisman you make yourself. Topiary, a beautiful and exquisite craft, will decorate not only the interior, but will also be an excellent gift for friends. DIY topiary Materials for work: •

Master class topiary “I love you”

Interior composition of wood with balls of coffee beans. Let's prepare materials for work: - coffee beans. - a little dry alabaster or plaster. - a small container for a bowl. -medium thickness wire. - newspaper. - paper tape...

DIY topiary made from plastic bottles

Topiary is a favorite home decoration for many needlewomen. The decorative tree is made from coffee beans, napkins, fabric and other materials. I will show you an example of creating a topiary from plastic bottles and pine cones. For crafts

Paper topiary using quilling technique

In today's master class I would like to tell and show you how to make topiary using the quilling technique. This topiary is very attractive, so it will surely complement the decor of your home. In the article you will find detailed

Topiary made from plastic bottles

When decorating the interior, topiary is an excellent alternative to living plants. You don’t need to care for it, that is, water and feed it; you just need to periodically brush off the dust with a broom.An artificial tree will brighten even the darkest

Volumetric coffee heart in a pot

Giving perfume or a book for Valentine's Day is a little stupid, because this is a holiday with a dramatic story telling about true, sincere love. Of course, the gift should be unusual. Undoubtedly, you can find something at retail outlets

New Year's topiary "Herringbone"

On the eve of the New Year, I want to please myself and my loved ones with all sorts of New Year's attributes. And the main symbol of the New Year is, of course, the Christmas tree! This Christmas tree topiary will decorate a desktop in the office or a room in the house, and a candy surprise will delight

New Year's topiary

A DIY topiary using pine cones and shiny tinsel will be an excellent gift for the New Year holidays. This composition will require the use of the following materials: • Pine cones - 5 pieces, • Thick wire - 5

Topiary with pine cones

For the work you will need materials: • Pine or deciduous cones - 5 pieces, • Thick wire, • Green oilcloth, • Gold and beige beads, • Polystyrene foam, • Alabaster, glue, • White floss threads, • Gold acrylic paint...

Tree of Happiness

The article you are reading now is dedicated to making a tree of happiness. What is the “Tree of Happiness”? This is a composition made of artificial materials that will decorate the interior of your home for a long time and does not require absolutely any maintenance. A different tree

Decorative tree

A flowering tree represents stability, well-being, forward movement and harmony.Such a tree will perfectly complement the interior or become a pleasant and unusual gift. And most importantly, you can easily do it yourself. For this you will need: –

Topiary “Nut tenderness”

Every home has materials from which you can make an original topiary. This tree is created from a piece of old jeans, a piece of old tulle, nuts and a piece of jute. Everything merged together into a single product that perfectly complements the interior.


Many craftswomen make various trees with their own hands from beads, plaster and other materials. Such trees certainly look very beautiful, but not many people know that plastic bottles and wire can also be used to make beautiful decorative trees.

Coffee topiary “Heart”

A coffee tree or coffee topiary is an excellent interior decoration and a gift for all coffee lovers. This tree will not only please your eyes, but also fill your home with an invigorating aroma. To make a coffee topiary you will need: - coffee

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