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Master classes:

A heating pad for a child from a favorite toy in 5 minutes. Proven advice from grandma

If a sick child does not want to sleep with a burner to warm him up, make him a warm toy with a secret. With her, the baby will lie in an embrace with pleasure.

How to find material in the forest and make a house for guinea pigs

Lovers of small domestic animals, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, and similar rodents, probably love their pets and, as far as possible, try to provide them with everything they need. This is what insolent sellers use

5 DIY wine cork crafts

After major holidays, wine corks remain. Nobody needs them at all, so they go in the trash. But in vain. Cork corks are an excellent material that allows you to create very beautiful non-trivial

Life hack: how to make a child's car seat safe

During the summer holidays, many parents are concerned with the question: what to do with their children on the road. One of the necessary things on a long trip is a table for a car seat. With its help, the baby can eat, play and draw. The stores offer a variety of

How to make a children's electric car from plywood and a screwdriver

If you want to make an electric car for a child, you can use a cordless screwdriver as a drive. It is very light, quiet, inexpensive compared to other solutions, and its battery is easy to recharge. Using a screwdriver

Original DIY worm soap bubbles

A device for blowing soap bubbles in the form of worms is made in 5 minutes, and gives a whole cartload of joy and fun. All children love soap bubbles. Why are there children, adults don’t mind playing either. If you make two such blanks as in our

You can’t buy one like this in a store: Do-it-yourself BusyBoard

The godson turned 1 year old. I decided to make a gift for him - a busy board. Busy board is a toy for developing fine motor skills in children. As toys you can use: locks, latches, strings, various buttons, bells, sockets,

How to build a children's playhouse

We used to build play structures out of chairs, pillows and blankets. We had our own secret hiding places. Today we have grown up, but we have our own children. So why not help them and build a real children's house? Perhaps this is at least

DIY stand for a child from 1 to 7 years old for 276 rubles

It just so happens that our children grow up and become independent over time. In this regard, a device is required so that our child can independently reach the sink, wash his hands, and brush his teeth. We'll talk about how to

Blocking plastic windows from children for 92 rubles with your own hands

We all have children; in the life of parents, nothing can be more important than the safety of their own child. I was faced with a task: to install locks on plastic windows, the price of the cheapest option that I found on the Internet was 600 rubles,

Children's soup with octopus

In essence, this is an ordinary soup with meatballs, but instead of boring meat balls, funny octopuses have settled here, spreading their legs out of long noodles or spaghetti. Children are simply delighted with this interpretation!

Production of fuel briquettes from sawdust and paper

An excellent use for wood waste is the production of fuel briquettes. They allow you to cope with the ever-increasing amount of shavings, sawdust from work in carpentry workshops and garbage on the farm. Things that are usually thrown away or burned

Have a house and a son? It's time to learn how to plant trees or how to plant an apricot in the spring

In fact, apricot can be planted both in spring and autumn. And both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone can decide for themselves which option is right for them, but this article will be about the spring planting of this beautiful tree with

How to easily separate magnets from the metal backing of a hard drive

Anyone who has ever disassembled a computer hard drive knows that it contains a pair of excellent and strong neodymium magnets. They are very good to use for your various crafts. But the fact is that these magnets are tightly glued to a piece of metal. And just

DIY Viking and Slavic shield

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today we’ll talk about the round shield, which was used by both our ancestors - the Slavs, and the northern Scandinavian warriors, known throughout the world - the Vikings. I want to say right away that this is not a reconstruction, i.e. creation method

Plasticine painting

An ordinary painting bought in a store will not surprise anyone. Then why not make a picture with your own hands from plasticine? If you wish, you can even depict your pet in the picture - a dog or a cat! Let's get started!

Flower pot with automatic watering

In the summer, on good, sunny weekends, many people go to their dachas or just to relax in nature. It happens that for the whole weekend, with an overnight stay. Many people probably have indoor plants that need daily watering. Such as,

Simple tire swing

This is a very simple swing that can be done in an hour. They are great for children, are well adjustable in height, and do not contain expensive or scarce materials. Your children will be delighted with this design.

How to sew a developmental cube for a baby

Educational toys for children have long been in fashion. Some of them are quite possible for a mother to do on her own. We bring to your attention a developmental cube that will surely interest a child aged 1 to 3 years. Yes, you will have to do some sewing

Santa Claus made of paper and cotton pads

Preparations for the New Year bring joy to many. But most of all, children are looking forward to this magical holiday. They are ready to learn not only a poem for Santa Claus, but also make various crafts.We suggest making Santa Claus with your children

Volumetric paper flower

The development of fine motor skills is always useful for both adults and children. Therefore, this type of creative work, such as creating a 3D flower out of paper, will have a beneficial effect on fine motor skills. Well, the bonus will be useful somewhere else, as an option, as

Felt Pikachu children's wallet

A wallet is a fashionable and practical accessory because children love to carry their pocket money, keys and other small items in them. Let's please little fashionistas and sew a Pikachu children's wallet from felt. This wallet is especially

Children's hat with ears

Knitting children's clothes is a pleasure. It takes little time and materials to make them. And you can imagine anything you want in decor. So I decided to pamper my granddaughter with a new hat. I always have a lot of yarn in stock. And new ones

Gymnastic wall bars made of polypropylene pipes

A gymnastic wall made by yourself is approximately 10 times cheaper than a purchased one. Although it is not much different from the store bought one. You don’t need to be a great expert in soldering pipes to assemble it from polypropylene pipes. This

How to cut a pineapple beautifully

Pressed pig ears - a budget but very tasty snack for any occasion

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How to make a hidden hatch under a bathtub with your own hands

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