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Every time a big significant holiday approaches (New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc.), there is a desire to decorate your home so that the festive atmosphere is felt in every detail. Various thematic paraphernalia, decorative elements - all this is available in abundance in stores, but it is always more pleasant to do something with your own hands. With the onset of spring, there are more opportunities to create something from natural materials, for example, a decorative interior wreath for Easter or Palm Sunday.
To create such a wreath you will need:
Decorative wreath for Easter

  • young branches of any tree (bush);
  • willow vine;
  • branches of a blossoming willow;
  • twine;
  • adhesive tape (tape);
  • glue;
  • decorative elements (beads, berries, etc.).

First of all, we start forming the frame for the wreath. It can be made from the largest but flexible branches or wire. Scotch tape or tape will help connect two arches of branches.
Decorative wreath for Easter

Next, we take several branches (the more, the more magnificent the wreath will be) and tie them to the frame with twine.
Decorative wreath for Easter

We fix the branches along the entire length with a cord.
Decorative wreath for Easter

We repeat the same in the other half of the wreath.
Decorative wreath for Easter

In the place where the ends of the branches do not meet very smoothly, they can be carefully tied with tape (tape).
Decorative wreath for Easter

Decorative wreath for Easter

We hide the tape under the twine wrapping.
Decorative wreath for Easter

Where the twine does not fit tightly to the branches of the base wreath, we insert a young willow vine on both sides.
Decorative wreath for Easter

We wrap each vine diagonally in a random order around the entire circumference of the wreath.
Decorative wreath for Easter

We also place willow branches of different lengths under the twine, creating asymmetry.
Decorative wreath for Easter

Decorative wreath for Easter

The interior wreath is almost ready. Now you can start decorating. We attach beads and berries to the glue in a chaotic manner.
Decorative wreath for Easter

Decorative wreath for Easter

Now the work is finished. The place wrapped with twine will be the top. We attach the wreath to the ribbon, add other details and decorate our home.
Decorative wreath for Easter

Decorative wreath for Easter

Decorative wreath for Easter
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